Fighting back against internet trolls.

Updated Tuesday March 8:

Sweeney’s fighting against online scams. Watch tonight to learn how.

Originally posted Monday March 7:
Alison Sweeney, (Sami Brady “Days of our Lives” 1993 – 2015) is mad as hell and she’s not going to take it anymore. The popular actress who hosted 13 seasons of The Biggest Loser has discovered internet trolls using her good name to promote unhealthy diet supplements. Sweeney posted a video on her Facebook page asking all of her followers to please take the time to watch. She’d discovered a fake Instagram posting and a fake article claiming that she endorsed a particular diet supplement and she wanted to spread the word that these trolls must be stopped. You see these ads every day all over the internet. Ads for this diet supplement or that colon cleanse, all sporting the likeness of some well-known, highly-respected celebrity. The people who post those ads are counting on your gullibility. They’re hoping you’ll see that celebrity face, believe every word they say in their article, and snap up that bogus diet product faster than you can say, “There must be something wrong with my scale.” Sweeney wants her fans to know that these people are lying to sell their products. “I would never endorse or support a product that doesn’t believe in living a healthy lifestyle. To be clear, I believe in and support all of the projects that I have been a part of in my career, and I absolutely continue to believe that the best way to achieve a healthy lifestyle is to eat right and work out.” Sweeney also wants people to know that what they are seeing is a form of identity theft and she’s not going to stand for it. “They have to be stopped and I, for one, am fighting back.”

Please take the time to watch. Thanks.

Posted by Alison Sweeney on Monday, March 7, 2016


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