It was wonderful.

In this week’s “Days of our Lives” Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1987 when Steve Johnson and Kayla Brady first made love…

Gabi Hernandez and JJ Deveraux made love for the first time at the Salem Inn this week, and back then Steve and Kayla finally gave in to their passion. Steve and Kayla went on the run after Steve’s involvement with Harper Deveraux went awry, and they had just returned to Salem when it finally happened. It was a hot and sultry summer night; Kayla was wearing a lacy negligee and Steve just a pair of white linen pants. They tried to cool down using water and a fan, and Steve took some bedding and went up on the roof to sleep. Kayla stayed down in the apartment, but eventually joined Steve, and they made love on the rooftop with sirens sounding in the street below.

The next morning, Kayla woke up to find they were back downstairs in the bed. Steve had carried her inside where it was a little cooler. They agreed their lovemaking had been wonderful, and Steve told Kayla that he loved her. She returned the sentiment, but then had a question for Steve.

Do you remember what Kayla asked Steve after they made love?

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Answer to the last Throwback Thursday Days poll: Hope hit Billie in a cemetery.

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Photo credit: Paul Skipper/JPI

– Candace Young