Nic helps Sami. Never thought I'd see the day! (

These are the “DAYS” of my week for June 22-29:

I missed a few of the shows so had to write my thoughts based on some of Rolla’s great updates! It appears to have been a good week, leading us into two more storylines and pushing Kate’s storyline to the forefront. Let’s start with them, this week!

Kate/Daniel/Chloe/Lucas saga:
This week, Chloe and Daniel gazed longingly into each other’s eyes. I found myself wanting to yell, “Just jump him already, Chloe. You know you want it.”
Kate waited for Chloe to eat the poisoned appetizers, but instead of her eating them, she dropped them and Kate had to get more. She made a big stink about Chris finding other appetizers, because there was no poison in the new batch, so she took it upon herself to inject the new batch – Lucas could have died! What is this woman thinking? Isn’t Chris going to start wondering what’s up? Why did Kate tape the conversation with Daniel? How will she use this against him? We heard Chloe and Lucas finally moved into their new house and that gives Kate an idea. Since Daniel’s sending the “happy couple” a fruit basket as a housewarming gift, Kate will now inject an apple with the poison.

Rolla wrote, “Lucas and Chloe meet at the Java Café and Chloe gives him a photo album that Lucas’ father had given to him. Lucas is surprised because he thought it was lost in the fire but Chloe explains that Henderson found it, and hopes he could add more pictures in it.” What fire? The explosion? And why is this significant? Curiouser and curiouser. I wish I had seen all episodes!

A bit surprised to hear Will telling Rafe that Johnny’s better off with the DiMera’s. No matter how angry with Sami he is, he knows better than that. After all, it was only a few short weeks ago that he explained to Mia all about who the DiMera’s were. How come he hasn’t had this talk with Lucas? Why with Rafe? Sometimes I feel as though they’re fazing Lucas out, because we rarely see him.

Who is going to find Nicole out? Rafe is already finding her overly sensitive to Grace’s plight, considering she has no connection to the child. Nicole reminded all of us that Grace was Sydney’s sister, and used this as an excuse to visit her grave. Rafe bought that this was Nic’s reason for being at the cemetery, lucky for her.

Speaking of the cemetery, who is Emily and what was she to Rafe and Arianna? A sister, daughter, friend, ex-lover of Rafe? We know she was born in 1978 and we’ll learn more about her this coming week!

That Rafe gets around. Not only is Rafe starting to notice that Nicole cares too much about Grace, but he remembers Mia as being the girl who tried to stop EJ and Nicole’s wedding. He’s asking all sorts of questions about how she knows Brady, but will he settle for her answer that they know each other from a 12-step meeting? Rafe starts wondering how Mia knows Nicole, which we hope means he started doing more sleuthing and asked Nicole where she knew Mia from. Nicole lies that she knew her from her work with troubled teens. That’s a lie she’ll have to memorize. I don’t see Rafe stopping his inquiries soon.

It’s bad enough that the Salem Spectator posted Hope’s name and photo in their newspaper, along with a story about the humongous “anonymous donation” she made, (Bo must be raking it in, now!) but now, some mysterious person is all over that news. That doesn’t bode well. That’s all I’ll say about that.
Bo had another vision of searching for Ciara, which we don’t care about. Or do we? You tell me. I couldn’t care less, only because we are teased with this storyline only to have the show put it on the back burner for a week or two then return to it, after we’ve long since forgotten it existed. Bo had a few visions this week. One was from Zack, his dead son. I’m not sure if that means something more than the usual visions and am not sure why they’re using Zack’s memory this way. Any thoughts?

Bo and Hope reacquainted themselves with Nathan and tried to ruin Melanie’s chances with the new (Horton?) by warning him about Melanie being the one who sent Nick to prison. Why rat out Melanie when Nick’s the psycho who sent himself to prison? I wasn’t impressed. Incidentally, when I questioned Mark Hapka (Nathan) last week about who his character’s father was, he was very elusive. Told me to keep watching! That’s intriguing. While we know a lot about Chad -Casey Deidrick’s character, we are told so very little about Nathan’s. Anyway, I’m glad Maggie set Nathan straight about Nick and that Melanie let him know that she is the one who got Nick the light sentence with her testimony. It’s about time Mel had a little happiness, don’t you think? Maybe she’ll have some with Nathan, unless of course Stephanie dumps Philly and needs a new man. Let’s delve deeper into that…