My dad practically died because of what I did.

In this edition of the “Days of our Lives” Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1984 when Hope Williams broke up with Bo Brady…

Salem’s Belle Brady cooled things off with Philip Kiriakis this week, and back then Hope told Bo she couldn’t see him anymore. Hope’s father Doug Williams suffered a heart attack after finding Hope in Bo’s apartment on her 18th birthday, and Hope met up with Bo at the pier to tell him she loved her father and just couldn’t cause any more problems for her family. Bo conceded that he seemed to be trouble for Hope, and agreed they should break up. Bo returned a couple of items belonging to Hope and turned to walk away. He turned back, however, and hugged her. They then kissed passionately, and Hope told him she would always love him, and only him. Bo returned the sentiment and left the pier.

It was cold when Bo and Hope met, and they joked about what she was wearing. Do you remember what Hope had on?

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Answer to the previous Throwback Thursday Days poll: Carrie was attacked at Green Mountain Lodge.

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Photo credit: NBC

– Candace Young