Blake Berris goes from bad boy to potentially deadly stalker in new Lifetime thriller.

Blake Berris (Nick Fallon, “Days of Our Lives” 2006 – 2014) stars in the Lifetime movie “Wrong Swipe,” a dark thriller with a strikingly real message for anyone who’s taking advantage of modern technology and using dating apps to find that special someone.

Anna Hutchinson (Jules, “The Cabin In The Woods” 2012) co-stars as Anna. Anna’s father died five years ago and she’s been through a bad breakup so she’s finding it difficult to let anyone get close. In fact, she’s pretty much given up on dating and spends all of her time focused on school and taking care of her mother and sister, Sasha . Hoping to put a spark back into Anna’s life, Sasha sets up a profile for her sister on Swipe, the hot, new dating app that creates matches based on the users’ GPS location via their smartphones. Before charming, handsome Pete (Philip Karner, “Diving Normal” 2013, “The Wind” 2001) catches Anna’s eye she left swipes several potential match-ups, including Todd (Berris), Matt (Rhys Ward, “Client Seduction” 2014) and Ivan (Eric Scott Woods, “Charmed” 1998 – 1999). From here the story turns a dark corner.

Anna starts receiving messages from Swipe that a potential match is very close, even when no one should be able to detect where she is. The messages become increasingly disturbing. Unsure who to trust and who’s a potentially deadly stalker, Anna pushes Pete away. But is Pete the right swipe or the wrong swipe?

“Wrong Swipe” premieres Saturday February 13 at 8 PM on Lifetime TV.

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Photo credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

– Donna Anderson