He pushed me on the bed.

In this week’s “Days of our Lives” Throwback Thursday poll, Soaps.com takes readers back to 1994 when Carrie Brady faced an intruder…

Salem’s Andre DiMera is currently trying to get to Hope Brady, and back then, it was also mere days before Valentine’s Day when Carrie found herself being attacked by a man wearing a black ski mask. His intent was to rape her, but she fought back, and in the end he ran off after she screamed loudly. Austin Reed, who had taken Jennifer Horton to the airport, later discovered Carrie disheveled and traumatized. He comforted her with love and tenderness as she relayed the details of what had happened to her.

Austin later accused Lucas Roberts of being Carrie’s attacker when he saw him nursing a black eye. Austin punched Lucas a couple of times and warned him never to go near Carrie again. Lucas’ friend, Alan Harris, was actually the one who had attacked Carrie, and had given Lucas the black eye.

Do you remember where Carrie was attacked?

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Answer to the last Throwback Thursday Days poll: The song playing during Billie’s drug trip was Away in a Manger.

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– Candace Young