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In this edition of the “Days of our Lives’” Throwback Thursday poll, Soaps.com takes readers back to 1990 when Alice Horton came home from the hospital in time to celebrate Christmas…

This Christmas Eve in Salem, the Horton family will gather to hang ornaments on the tree, just as they did back then. On this particular Christmas, Alice was in the hospital, and her family members gathered at the Horton house to trim the tree in her absence. Bo Brady arrived with a young Shawn Douglas and joined Julie, Jennifer, Maggie, and Mickey, who all felt the gathering wasn’t the same without Alice. Tom Horton appeared as they were debating about going to visit her at the hospital. He surprised them all by bringing Alice into the living room in a wheelchair.

Everyone was thrilled, and Melissa soon arrived as well. She told Alice they had prepared a little number for her homecoming, and the family members performed a traditional tune, followed by a rap song! Bo and Shawn Douglas slipped out to go visit Victor and Isabella, and Jennifer announced to her ‘Gram’ that she and Jack Deveraux were engaged. Alice then welcomed Jack to the family with his very own ornament to hang on the Horton Christmas Tree.

Do you remember what Shawn Douglas asked for when he first arrived at the Horton house?

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Answer for the previous Throwback Thursday Days poll: Caroline’s letter said that one of her children was fathered by Victor Kiriakis.

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– Candace Young