These are the “DAYS” of my week from June 15-19:

Where to start? Let’s just dig right in this week, shall we? Bad news first, so to speak? I’m now officially tired of EJ/Sami/Nicole/Rafe storyline altogether, so am ready for the younger crew. I’m really enjoying seeing the newer actors and hope this means an exciting summer for the younger characters of Salem. I found I was jumping all over this week with thoughts, so please bear with me.

EJ DiMera and his pet wife:
EJ has become this seething force of anger these past few weeks and it’s now starting to irritate me. He rants, he overreacts, he never puts himself in anybody else’s shoes except perhaps for his precious father. He’s a bloody Princess, isn’t he? His little confession to Nicole, that he has loved Sami this whole time, was not lost on me, nor was it needed. Why tell your wife you’ve been in love with somebody else during your time with her? What an arse. The only thing that’s going to come out of it is for Nicole to become even more pathetic and insecure. EJ admitted he allowed Samanther to disrespect Nicole, (dirtbag!) but then told his father that he wouldn’t ever allow anyone (he meant Sami) to control his life again or to disrespect his wife again. Oh, so now that he has found out Sami kept this secret of Grace’s paternity from him, it’s suddenly not alright for Sami to treat Nicole like rubbish? He’s a piece of work. I felt sorry for pet Nicole at that moment. She’ll never be what he wants or needs. Why she tries is beyond my comprehension. EJ admitted to Nicole that he loved Sami, up until she came clean with him about her lie. You can’t turn off love, but you can be hurt by the one you love. EJ can’t stand that a woman bested him, so she’s on his crap list. He should keep in mind that Sami forgave him raping her, when he comes to his senses – at some point along the road. And Nic? She has gone to an all time low. The man she “loves” in her own special way (because she has no idea how to truly love) just admitted he has loved Sami, her arch nemesis, the entire time he has been with her and she does nothing, says nothing and… I’m disgusted with her for being so pathetic. This feels to me as though there is hope for Sami and EJ. (And as you know, I’m not a ‘Safe’ or an ‘Ejami’ or a ‘Lumi’ or anything. I simply see the good and the bad.) If EJ, in the future, can ever forgive Sami for what she has done, and I think he could if he finds out Grace isn’t even their kid, then I think there is potential they could get together. I am starting to understand why Ken Corday called Rafe and Sami the new John and Marlena. (I laughed at that to begin with, but now I understand!) Who is Roman in this triangle, Rafe or EJ?

Nicole almost blew her cover a few times this week. She’s her own worst enemy, who is lucky to have such a good friend in Brady, who reminded Nicole that a simple blood test would prove that she’s not Sydney’s mother. Did he say this for a reason, or just to remind her that what she’s doing is mad?

Did you all laugh at EJ on Thursday’s show, when he told Nicole that nothing his father did in the past compares to what Sami has done to him? Stefano. Wow… he is either delusional, or has no bloody idea what dastardly deeds his father has done in the past. There is no comparison! Sami knows this. That’s why she kept Grace from him. Can anyone explain why she told EJ the truth, after the fact? (Purely rhetorical. I know why, but think it was a dumb move. Just like Rafe does.)

I don’t want to get into the funeral much. What’s there to say? It was sad, I cried, Bope was there, which was nice to see. It was good to see them reminisce about Zack and leave the door open for Sami if she needs them, Rafe was a stand up guy and supported Sami so readily, but now what? Some of the non Safe fans are wondering if they’ll last, now that the baby is dead. I kind of laughed when I read that, because there is a lot more to them than just Grace, (you naysayers!) but truth is, many couples break up when a child dies. I don’t see it happening, but then I don’t write the scripts, either! Safe seems to be very much in love, like a boring old married couple, and glued together. I don’t see them splitting up anytime soon. (If at all?) Now that Grace is gone, we’ve learned that somebody Rafe and Arianna knew named Emily Hudson, also died. Is she another child or an adult? It’s a mystery. I’m not sure I really care too much either. I’m not feeling Arianna, just as I’m still not feeling Luis – I mean, Rafe. Maybe once this secret past comes out…


I almost left them out! Though Kate had few scenes this week, she made the most out of them. I love the way her assistant, Chris, shrinks from her wrath. Shrinks, not shrieks. I loved him when he had scenes with Sami, at the gym, (when Salem used to care about being healthier) but since then, his pairing with Kate does nothing for me. I’d love to see him pal around with Nicole! I digress. This week, Chloe struggled with her sexual feelings for Dr. Dan again, and who could blame her with that shirtless scene at the beginning of the week. Just kidding. I know she says she loves him but they only had sex a handful of times and though I see Daniel’s feelings as being strong for her, I can’t help but wonder what it is she loves in him. Aside from the great sex, and him being a great doctor, what else do we know about him? She confessed to Father Matt that she cheated on Lucas. This girl, this child, really needs a lesson in life. Looks like we’ll be seeing a “whole lot of” Danloe on Hearth and Home, soon, (hot!) unless Kate decides to kill one or both of them! Do you think one of the two will be killed off?