Sleeping with the mob.

In the latest “Days of our Lives’” Throwback Thursday poll, take readers back to 2001 when Kate Roberts had cozied up to Vincent Maroni…

This week in Salem, Kate Roberts hit it off with Eduardo Hernandez. She’s no stranger to ‘bad boys’ as back in 2001, Kate was sleeping with mobster Vincent Maroni. She had tried to get back into Victor Kiriakis’ good graces, but that went out the window when he caught her in a compromising position with the mobster. Kate then manipulated Maroni into spying on Sami Brady and Brandon Walker, who was married to Vincent’s daughter, Angela Moroni, and also managed to convince him to kill Victor. When Maroni witnessed Brandon kissing Sami, he ordered the deaths of Sami, Brandon, and Victor to take place at the coronation of Greta Von Amberg. At the coronation, Moroni’s goons starting shooting and many Salem residents were caught by bullets in the ensuing chaos. Victor managed to survive, but Moroni’s daughter was killed inadvertently when she jumped in front of her husband Brandon to protect him.

Do you remember what Vincent Moroni did following the death of his daughter?

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Last week’s Throwback Thursday Days poll answer: Steve got to Kayla on the yacht by swimming up to it in the dark.

Flashback to when Days’ Kate framed Sami for Franco’s murder, and then read about other storylines from this decade through’s Episode guide for Days of our Lives from 2000 – 2010.

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– Candace Young