The lack of attractive maternity wear for expecting women has always been a thorn in women’s side, for years. Just because one is with child, shouldn’t mean they turn from fabulous to frumpy. Shapeless dresses that made a gal look “cute,” lined the mother-to-be’s closet once upon a time, but these days, even the most pregnant woman can look trendy and even sexy!

DOOL has partnered with an upscale maternity consignment shop that focuses on style. The show has been generous enough to donate some of their gently-used maternity wear to the shop, that can be purchased online. If you want to dress in some of the outfits Alison Sweeney was able to don as Sami Brady, visit In Style Belly and use the search to find clothing from “Days of our Lives.” Do you recognize any of the items? They’re all designer, and from the likes of “C” Label, and For All Mankind. You’ll spot a few items from BeBe, a popular retail store. All clothing sold from the maternity wear donated by DOOL goes towards a good cause, Autism Speaks.