Did Nicole really miscarry her child?

We are all aware what the DiMera’s are capable of, leaving some of us wondering if Nicole really did have a miscarriage, or if something more dastardly happened to her child with EJ. Remember the day she miscarried? It was November 25, 2008. She fantasized or dreamed that she held a baby girl, after the miscarriage – or the birth. Was the birth a fantasy or a dream or was it real? What really happened that day? Could Dr. Baker have stolen her baby? It’s not as if he’s never done anything like that in the past. Did he give the child to Stefano or sell her? Please take our poll, below, to voice your opinon on what you think could have happened, and leave a comment on that or what you’d like to see happen!

Do you like Nicole, even after everything she has done and would you like to see her baby with EJ alive, someday? Leave us a comment in the space below!

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Photo credit: NBC Universal Inc.

– Christine Fix