Updated January 5:

Thaao Penghlis’ book, Seducing Celebrities One Meal at a Time, is scheduled for an autumn release. Penghlis said, “We must never judge a person by their peak of excellence, but by the distance they have travelled from the point of where they started.  I consider myself a long distant runner, that’s why going back to ‘Days of Our Lives’ confirms this. Always finish well, so they want to have you back again and again. And so the saga continues while the writing has become an added expression of my work through the journeys I have dared to travel in the Middle East.” The actor’s manager said, “Reuniting with this award winning long time Series, (NBC ‘Days of our Lives’), reaffirms Thaao’s huge following, having been voted #1 with his loyal audience for over two decades and the perfect celebrity author for this type of book, to accompany his Off Broadway One Man Show and Greek Products on Shopping Channels for 2016.” Publisher John Colby of Brick Tower Press noted their excitement about publishing this book saying, “We are very excited about publishing Thaao’s book, Seducing Celebrities one meal at a Time taking the reader through a magnificent culinary journey with Thaao, involving personalities such as Jacqueline Kennedy, his fellow actors Charlton Heston, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and many others. Thaao’s book delivers what it promises—seducing celebrities through nutritious cuisine. Brick Tower Press readers will enjoy every delicious page.”

An excerpt from the book: “With Jacqueline Kennedy with whom I had afternoon tea in my youth, I would have prepared as she was marrying Onassis, a Greek cuisine—Greek lemon soup, Moussaka and the celebratory cookies ‘Kourambiedes.’ George Clooney, for his love of Italy—Branzino fish. Barbara Streisand and Shirley Maclaine—Rack of Lamb, because they love the best in cuisine. Joan Rivers—Scallops and Vongole, (because it sounds delicate with a vengeance). Omar Sharif—‘Lamb Shanks with Couscous’ and Champagne with dessert because that’s what he always shared when we worked together. For Elizabeth Taylor—Thai Snapper and a special dessert from my family’s heritage, because she reigned supreme.” – Thaao Penghlis

Originally posted October 12, 2015:

“Days of our Lives'” Thaao Penghlis (Andre DiMera) has written a new book titled Seducing Celebrities, which comes out this week. Penghlis has spent years cooking for and entertaining his friends and co-workers, and says this book was inspired in part by his good friend Doris Roberts (“Everybody Loves Raymond”). Roberts wrote him a thank you letter after being entertained by him one evening with a thoughtfully planned dinner party.

In his new book Penghlis envisions the various celebrities that he’s crossed paths with in his life and how he would embrace and seduce them with cuisine. The book is a collection of recipes that he would serve to people such as George Clooney, Barbara Streisand, Jacqueline Kennedy, Joan Rivers and more.

This is not Penghlis’ first book. He has also authored Places: The Journey Of My Days, My Lives which details his travels around the world. Check out the tweet that Penghlis shared about his newest book below.

Penghlis will also be among the many stars of “Days of our Lives” that are taking part in the Days of our Lives: 50 Years anniversary book tour.

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