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These are the “DAYS” of my week for June 8-12:

The week started out depressing and devastating for more than one character.

Daniel/Danloe… and her husband:
First of all, I know you’re all wondering how Chloe can be so angry for Lucas for keeping Sami’s secret from him, but she’s only human, and secrets hurt, no matter which ones she’s keeping. Just because Chloe is keeping her massive secret, doesn’t mean he can keep secrets from her, either. You know the saying, two wrongs don’t make a right and all that rut? This whole admission from Lucas threw me. It wasn’t his secret to tell and I didn’t think he should have told it. It was none of Chloe’s business and was told for one reason – to make Chloe feel guilty, to ponder their marriage, because she’s so daft she can’t ponder it on her own…

Daniel became more human this week, because he couldn’t save a patient. He even broke down, crying and pushed the very married Chloe away, when she tried to comfort him. He told her to go back to her H U S B A N D. Later in the week they met up again and Chloe admitted she loved Daniel more than Lucas. He maintained he wasn’t going to allow her to break up her marriage to Lucas. He said he couldn’t stand if Lucas drunk himself into oblivion because of this. Did this matter for anybody? I see Daniel as a man in love. If you haven’t thought so up until now, did this convince you? Did you also like the shot of his bare chest? Heh, I digress. You know Chloe and Daniel are going to end up on Hearth and Home together, and that’s when Kate will exploit their relationship. For somebody who cares for Lucas as much as Kate says, she sure has a funny way of showing it. Not that I’m surprised. More about her, below.

Female Medication:
Kate has been practicing her forgery skills as of late. She stole a blank prescription form from Daniel, wrote up a prescription for a toxic substance and hired a Daniel look-alike to dress up in scrubs and pick up the prescription for her. We can deduce from this that she is planning on setting up Daniel for murder. She’s unhinged. Lucas caught her with the drug and Lucas being Lucas, demanded to know what was in the vial. What if it really was a female medication? The guy is wound up tighter than anybody I know. He needs to take it down a few notches. I realize that he’s supposed to ask Kate about the vial [of toxic surprise] so that when Kate poisons Chloe with it, Lucas can flash back to this conversation and nail her. His own mum! It could happen! Then he’d disown her again!

Grace’s death:
I wished this was kept more secret from the online community. It really spoils the show and ratings when people spill too much information too much in advance. I hope that for many, it was a surprise twist to kill off poor little Grace. It wasn’t easy to watch. It was so well done that if the players involved and the show doesn’t get a nomination or Emmy for it next year, I’ll be surprised. It affected so many – not just Sami and Rafe, but Johnny, Allie, Mia, Daniel, Nicole, Roman and Caroline, Will… EJ…Missing of course was Marlena and John, Steve and Kayla and even Bo and Hope, though I know Sami has never been close with them. The death happened rather quickly and thankfully so, considering how devastating it was and how depressed it made us all! Sami going home and seeing Grace’s things was poignant and broke my heart all over again and a third time when she woke up from a dream that Grace was still alive. Fantastic work from everyone involved.

There seems to be some argument on the boards about whether or not Sami did the right thing by withholding the truth about Grace’s paternity from EJ until after her death. What are your thoughts? Please feel free to vote!

Sami admitted to EJ, after Grace died, that he was her father. There are what, two or three sides to everything? I want to explore them from both Sami and EJ’s point of view. Sami admitted to EJ that she not only kept Grace’s paternity from him because she wanted to protect her, but she did it because of her jealousy over Nicole. She decided, after seeing them together having sex on the DiMera sofa, to keep it a secret, and when she ran around to the front of the house, she fell over Marino’s body and spotted our no-name hit man. So she had two reasons in the same day to want to keep the secret. If she hadn’t found the mayor, would she have told him sooner? Possibly, I mean, she tried a few times to do so but his criminal activities kept her from being honest. Did she deserve some of his wrath for keeping Grace from him out of jealousy? I think so. He was profoundly shocked and lashed out as only he could. I did feel for him. He didn’t get to know his daughter and now she’s dead. How horrible for anyone! I’m not a fan of these big secrets. On the other hand, EJ’s a criminal. What did he expect? EJ said some pretty ugly things to her, kicking her when she was down, but she had to know he’d react this way, so I don’t feel bad for her for that. Then again… Like I’ve said, EJ’s no saint. He’s got numerous skeletons in his closet. (Yes, I know. So does Sami!) One in particular stands out for me, today. He played with the lives of Belle/Phillip, Mimi and Shawn when he, as the black glove killer, switched the petri dishes in the hospital so that Belle became preggers with Shawn’s kid, while married to Philip. If I believed in karma, I’d say he just got his. Now Sami thinks EJ’s a good father, as she has pointed out on many different occasions, but if she really thought he was a good father, wouldn’t she have told him the truth as soon as she found out? Then again, what constitutes a good father? Doesn’t a good father protect his children from crime and criminals – such as himself? So many questions. What would I have done in Sami’s place? I wouldn’t have been with a criminal in the first place but if I was that hard up, I’d have had protection.

What happens when the truth about Sydney comes out? Will he still hate her for the rest of his life and hope she suffers until the day she dies? Is there still a chance for Ejami? Do you want there to be one? Does EJ’s criminal actions make you feel as though Sami did the right thing, or is the truth always the way?