As you’re all aware, Alison Sweeney hosts The Biggest Loser, in addition to playing Sami Brady on DOOL. Every few weeks she posts a blog on NBC to keep her fans posted on what the actress has been up to with the reality show, with her two children and once in a while, we catch her discussing DOOL. The baby Grace storyline has had’s message board hopping. The theme of the story itself, is one nobody enjoys, but the story was so well written and well executed that it somehow makes up for the loss of little precious Grace. Alison Sweeney created a blog on this subject on her blog recently. She says, “This storyline has brought us so many mixed feelings. We were all so excited to take on the challenge of a story so difficult and painful, and definitely intimidated at the same time. I was so moved reading the scripts. I thought the whole thing was put together so beautifully. Every scene bled into the next, and though it took several days to get through it, it still seemed to move so fast to me.

I loved getting the opportunity to do such emotional scenes with Galen. He is always so fun to work with – but these scenes were different. No one was cracking jokes, we were all so serious all day…” To read the rest of what Ali has to say about the storyline, please click this link.

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