Salem Shenanigans from August 17 – 21:

Monday the new “Days” writing began to air. So far we’re seeing less scene jumping and more quality time spent between characters which is already building a connection between them and the audience. Hope’s no longer homeless, we saw a little romance, and the theme of the week is saying the phrase ‘cut to the chase’. Let’s go along with Clyde and Rafe and uh…cut to the chase.

Daytime’s first married gay couple breaks up.
In last week’s Deconstructing DOOL I commented that Sonny needed to dump Will’s lying cheating arse and then five seconds later he did. His story wrapped up just as the new writing regime entered the scene. Most found it out of character for Sonny to hightail it out of town so fast since he’s so level-headed. But with all that has gone on, who could blame him for running away? Though in reality, he could have easily stayed with his parents and think things through, this isn’t reality. In reality, the actor wanted out. At least Sonny will no longer be manipulated, lied to or betrayed by Will’s lies and we won’t have to see that anymore. If this story made me feel anything it’d be for poor Arianna, who already lost one parent to prison and is now losing another. Thanks Will. It was Sonny’s last day in Salem Tuesday. Good luck to Freddie Smith wherever he lands.

The questions surrounding Bo’s return.
Victor’s been spending time at Caroline’s bedside, which marks the start of Bo’s return to Salem, and the reveal that Victor’s looking for a cure for Alzheimer’s. That was very touching. I have a theory that Aiden’s not a good guy as we were led to believe and that John considering returning to the ISA and Bo’s return has something to do with it. That’s just speculation and I’m not sure it holds much water but I’m itching to know what brings Bo back so would love to hear your thoughts. In two days, the new writers have revamped John and Marlena’s pairing. Their scenes were refreshing, tender, and romantic.