Salem Shenanigans from August 10 – 14:

There are a few raves this week but all in all, I’m ranting heavily. Next week begins the new writers’ tenure. Maybe we’ll see a more positive column at that point!

Same old same old.
Not only did Brady force Theresa to fess up about her asinine lies, he was clear that he doesn’t love her and never will, and doesn’t trust her with his son. He shook her up for about five seconds and then she danced around, happy she’s still living there. Ack! His words went in one ear and out the other. Again. And worse, she’s already on to the next scheme. It’s probably a good thing she and Will aren’t BFFs. Can you imagine the carnage they’d leave in their wake?

Nothing new here.
Will used the confidential notes he took from Paul while on assignment and fed them to Derrick in a moronic attempt to set the men up in order to get Paul’s mind off his husband. I originally thought he stole Marlena’s notes because I don’t think that scene was clear on what happened. That or I was snoozing while watching. At any rate, here’s what needs to happen. We already know Will’s going to out himself but only because he knows if he doesn’t, Paul might.

Sonny in turn needs to dump Will.
Zoe needs to fire Will.
Sonny needs to sleep with Paul.

I added the last bit only because I’m tired of William’s garbage and it’d be nice for Sonny to give a little payback!

Moving forth with a new coupling.
Finally? Daniel and Nicole will really be together? Is that a light we see at the end of the very long tunnel? Both Maggie and Jennifer have been very accepting of their engagement and Maggie even bonded with Nicole. Surprising yes, but touching nonetheless. It’s nice to finally move away from the constant on again off again bull, the lies and manipulations. But can we trust it?

Misuse of Hope.
Ack. All Hope does anymore is pester Rafe about Weston in every scene she’s in and I can’t take it anymore. Honestly, how that’s not turning Rafe off is beyond me. We get that she’s not willing to give up but perhaps she should gather more information on her own before going to anyone? Doesn’t she have a new partner? And what’s up with Aiden? Why shred Clyde’s confidential files? Who does that? There’s too much secrecy going on from him for viewers which causes frustration and annoyance.