Stepping away from Salem.

Updated August 17, 2016:

“Days” co-head writer, Dena Higley, posted on Twitter that she’s thankful for the personal time off and she’s excited to co-head write with Days new co-head writer, Ryan Quan. September 6 marks the return of new storylines from this duo.

Originally posted August 12, 2015:

It looks as though newly returned Days of our Lives co-head writer Dena Higley will be taking a leave of absence. According to Daytime Confidential, Higley has cited personal reasons to step away from the soap while Josh Griffith remains in charge of the writing for the series.

No details have been released on how long Higley’s absence will last or whether or not she will be replaced in the interim but her work will continue to be seen for approximately the next six months, since the show tapes well in advance. will update you if more information becomes available. The first new material written by Higley and Griffin is scheduled to begin airing next week.

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Photo credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

– Matt Purvis