Salem Shenanigans from August 3 – 7:

This week Eric and Brady ate waffles, Theresa pulled a move Sami, in her younger days, would be proud of, and Will actually thought a night with Derrick would make Paul forget he’s in love with Sonny…

Michael Cardelle is doing a good job making me loathe Kyle Southern. Even though the interest in Paige has gone, it’s still not pleasant to watch him work on getting her into bed. What a douche. And could he kiss any louder? Ew. How JJ didn’t jump up and punch him in the head shows a restraint of saintly proportions.

Get on with it!
It was surprising and satisfying to hear two characters discuss something of substance, even though the discussion Jenn and Kayla had about trying to save the Horton Community Centre from evil developer Riley Satterfield, appeared to be for Eve’s benefit. Showing Jennifer rooting for a cause that has nothing to do with her kids gives her back her identity as a woman, and it’s great to see her passion reignited. Eve’s stabbing fantasy was funny as well. I laughed aloud as she ate the donut as a final insult as Jenn lay “dying” on the floor. Still, her plan to get back at Jenn is moving way too slowly. I’m at the point where I’ve almost forgotten why she loathes her so. Move this on, please!

Blink and you’d have missed her return.
It’s always nice to see Chloe return but boy, Nicole and Daniel got maybe two minutes of peace before they had yet another obstacle thrown at them. It’s too much, too fast and annoys viewers. And why do Chloe’s returns always have something nasty associated with them? Her 2013 had her angry with Daniel for keeping his relationship with Jenn a secret. Nic and Chloe’s catfight was a nice touch but that’s got to be one of the most awkward I’ve seen. And Daniel interrupted way too soon. They didn’t even get a chance to throw Nicole’s dinner at each other! These two have nothing on Carrie and Sami’s old catfights.