Salem Shenanigans from July 27 – 31:

There’s been a whole lot of nothing going on in Salem these days. This week was no different.

The truth really shall set you free!
In last week’s Deconstructing DOOL I mentioned finding it too difficult to root for Nicole these days. I wanted to see her do the right thing, even if it cost her. This week she came clean about almost getting it on with Eric in the crawl space. Millions of fans fell out of their La-Z-Boys. Her honesty was a shock and the whole scene was powerful and realistic. It made many of us root for them like we haven’t in ages. Kudos for Shawn Christian for giving Daniel some tears to show his pain.

Gracious Maggie.
It was very magnanimous of Maggie to accept Nicole as her daughter-in-law-to-be and touching that she offered to throw an engagement party, considering she looked like she lost her best dog when Daniel told her the news. I bet she threw up when she got to her car.

It’s always the good ones to go.
Poor Bev. She turned her parents down to go to Europe so she could play second fiddle to boring old Paigey-girl with JJ. I admire her strength in telling JJ she’s through with him and her wishing him the best. There are stirrings that Bev may not be seen after this week. I like the actress and enjoyed Bev, though we see so little of her. Did anyone else think Eve was about to ask skeevy Kyle for his phone number so she could call him after his date with her daughter?

Repetitive scenes.
For the past few weeks JJ and Jennifer have had the exact same conversation with Jenn worrying and wringing her hands over her son going undercover with the DEA. It’s happened so often it’s ruining what could be an interesting storyline.