Fan Report on the Annual Peggy McCay Breakfast!

What more can a fan ask of their favorite celebrities than to spend a little quality time with them? Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady) hosts an annual breakfast at the lovely Sportsmen’s Lodge Hotel in sunny Los Angeles each year. read on Peggy’s website, “I think this year’s June Breakfast was the best ever! We had some new members and guests and our wonderful longtime members. Some were not able to make it this year. I send them my love and wishes for good health and happy days. I have to say that the experiences you shared warmed my heart. I had great fun. I hope you did too. Thanks for coming and for being the wonderful people that you are.”

One of Soap Opera Fan’s avid readers, Teri Gamson was lucky enough to have breakfast with Peggy and several of her fans. Teri reports. “My son, Arik, and I went to Peggy McCay’s annual breakfast on Sunday morning and had a great time. She is very sweet, funny, talented, and generous. She had hurt her shoulder and still signed autographs over and over again. She even sent home a gift bag with us when she was told that my mom could not be there, filled with very generous (and special) gifts and I will never forget being there. She even asked everyone there to update her with what had gone on with them over the past year – good or bad.”

A few highlights of the breakfast included taking photos with Peggy, meeting people there from Germany and one couple who had been married for 60 years. “Even people who have worked with Peggy through different events were there. It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with her.” With the good times, the fans learned a bit of bad news from Peggy, who had lost a dear friend and photographer. “Her 50 year old photographer and friend for many years, passed away recently of a heart attack,” Teri says and tells us that Peggy was there with her friend at the time of death, even attempting CPR to help save him. Teri recalls meeting him last year. “I know that he will be sorely missed.” wondered what was enclosed in the gift bag and Teri says, “Every fan club member received a large gift bag which included a beautiful hand decorated green blanket, made by her assistant Ceil Anderson, which boasted special designs about the Brady Pub, and a digital photo frame. They were able to see Peggy afterward when she stopped by the boutique, where Arik and Teri purchased several pictures and other DOOL memorabilia. Indeed that is a special gift and very generous. For all those fans reading this, we’d love to hear more stories about your time with the soap stars!

– Christine Fix