Great chemistry between these two! (

These are the “DAYS” of my week from June 1-5:

I’m only commenting on what stood out for me this week. The week started out with a bang and ended with a bang. That’s uncommon and works for me! A little sex this week was good to see, though it always makes me smirk when I see lit candles in a sex scene. In reality, it’s a rarity that we stop to light a candle. Ripping clothes off seems somehow more appropriate. My word of the week is “annoying”…While I liked the show, some of the characters annoyed me.

Chloe’s a trusting soul: Kate’s psychotic:
I still wonder if she’s on some drug that’s making her psychotic. Kate really has gone off the deep end. Her motivation is unwavering. Momma bear out to fight for her baby cub, Lucas. I recall only too well that Daniel and Chloe saved her life and Daniel also saved Philip’s life. She, on the other hand, is alive because of them and seems to forget. So far, Chloe cheated on Daniel but she has not hurt Lucas, technically, (yet!) because he doesn’t know or remember. I understand being angry with Chloe, but she’s not a tramp and Kate’s no saint. Her behaviour is over the top and it’s about to get worse.

Daniel a Womanizer?
This week Daniel fantasized a lot about Chloe as he did last week. I may be the minority but last week when he had that wet dream of sorts, I thought it was hot. Yep. A half naked guy in bed, dreaming about sex? Healthy and hot. I digress. Daniel had a vivid fantasy involving Chloe, in the hospital shower. (The boy needs to release that pent up tension!) What struck me about this was that when fantasy Chloe told him she loved him, he didn’t say it back. One could argue that he’s simply hot for her bod, or that when a guy fantasizes, he fantasizes about sex, rather than love, as many women would. (There are exceptions!) Because these scenes got me thinking about how I felt about Daniel and because so many were discussing him in the boards, here’s a poll to find out if Daniel indeed is a womanizer! I won’t vote, but I think he’s just a dude getting laid like anybody else in this world who is single and dating!

Philly saves Steph:
It’s been plaguing me since we first saw Gordon Thomson playing the character of Walter… I’m not sure why the show chose to hire a big name such as Thomson, for such a meaningless role. I’m befuddled. Is he gone? The kidnapping storyline has ended, but has the feud really ended? It doesn’t appear as though Stefano’s finished with this yet, which I think makes sense. Just ending the story and ending the feud would have been unrealistic and would have left us all wondering what it was all for. The scenes of Philip saving Stephanie were exciting, yet too long for my taste. Think Rafe the FBI agent and Marino’s no-name killer for two days. I had to laugh during Philip’s escape from the body drawer. He sat right up and turned completely around in the body drawer and kicked his way out. I thought the drawers were so small that they could barely move. Philly’s quick thinking of telling Owen Stephanie is preggers was smart, but Steph didn’t get it. It was a distraction, dear. I’ll excuse her this time because she was just freed from a horrible ordeal. Peculiar. That part seemed “off” to me.