That was beautiful.

For this Throwback Thursday poll, goes back in time to 1990 when “Days of our Lives'” Jack Deveraux surprised Jennifer Horton…

Salem’s Dr. Daniel Jonas proposed to Nicole Walker this week, and back then, Jack popped the question to Jennifer in an elaborate scenario involving classic romance. He had set up a dinner for two, quoted Shakespeare, and told her he loved her. Jennifer returned the sentiment. Jack then pulled out a ring box and tossed it away…but the engagement ring was in his hand. A breathtaking proposal followed with Jack asking, “Will you be my wife?” Jennifer called it the sweetest, most wonderful question she’d ever been asked in her whole life. However, unbeknownst to Jack, Jennifer had been raped by Lawrence Alamain, and found herself unable to accept. She told Jack she needed time, but she loved him very much. She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, but wasn’t ready to start the rest of her life just yet.

Do you remember where Jack proposed to Jennifer?