Molly Burnett exploded into Salem as naughty party girl, Melanie Layton, Max Brady’s long lost sister. Since her debut, she has been in several scrapes, some self-imposed, and we’ve learned that she was abused by the now deceased Trent Robbins. has taken to her since day one while others have taken some time to warm up to Salem’s most entertaining character. Melanie’s currently single and seems to be moving on from her infatuation with Philip Kiriakis at the moment, so that brings us to wonder who you’d like to see Melanie paired up with?

Who did you vote for and why? Are you waiting for the new character to come to Salem and catch her eye, are you hoping that with Stephanie’s kidnapping ordeal, she’ll dump Philip, therefore paving the way for a possible Philip/Melanie pairing, or do you like her interaction with Brady enough to see them involved in a romance?