Salem Shenanigans from June 29 – July 3:

Several flashbacks reigned over the week while a few loose ends were tied up for many players, maybe in preparation for September’s changes. Let’s get to it.

Sami got mean and tough?
Chad told Stefano that “Sami got tough and mean living under your roof,” then he compared her to Abigail, stating, “That’s not Abigail.” For one, Sami Brady and Abigail Deveraux are two entirely different creatures and two, Sami Brady was mean and tough since her first appearance in 1993. Nothing changed when she moved into the DiMera mansion. What bugs me about these conversations is that it feels as though they’re trying to shape Chabigail into EJami. They’re not EJami!

Bridget who? What?
What the freak was the point of the letter Abigail got from Bridget’s daughter from Ireland? Did anyone understand that? Did I nod off for a bit? Perhaps if they used less flashbacks of Chabigail in bed (and Ericole kissing) they’d have more room to actually explain what’s going on in the story. Grr!

She’s still sensitive?
It just doesn’t fit that Jennifer Horton would be so over-the-top melodramatic when JJ claimed he felt he was going crazy. What he said was just a euphemism. It’s allowed and normal and Laura Horton hasn’t been mentally ill for more than a decade so instead of telling JJ off, it’d have been helpful if she would have actually listened to her son and talked to him rather than live in the past. Ugh. This ‘make Jenn Jenn crazy’ story better be good.

He skipped a step.
The little pot stirrer, Derrick, returned for five seconds, spouted off about the coming out article to Paul and left. It was an odd scene, one that I admit I had trouble focusing on but he actually said something that resonated. Many times I recall wishing that Will would have sown some wild oats before settling down with Sonny so that none of this would happen. And in a surprise twist, Paul was the one who actually did Will a favour by bringing this up to Sonny. Sonny taking partial blame for their issues was pretty admirable since he knew there was a chance this would happen. Understanding someone is the first step to forgiveness. Whatever happens, this was a good scene. I say whatever happens, knowing that Sonny’s leaving the show and because this sudden epiphany for WilSon gives me an uneasy feeling about Sonny. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just indigestion.