I thought you’d be proud of me.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, Soaps.com goes back to 1987 when “Days of our Lives'” Kayla Brady argued with Steve ‘Patch’ Johnson…

Salem’s Ben Rogers found out about Abigail Horton sleeping with Chad DiMera this week, and back then, Kayla fought with Steve after she learned he had backed up Gabrielle Pascal’s claims of an affair between herself and Shane Donovan. Given that Shane was married to Kayla’s sister, Kimberly, she was incensed that Steve would accuse the normally upstanding Shane of such a thing, and cause new problems in her sister’s marriage. Previously, Kimberly had to say goodbye to Shane in London. The truth was that Shane and Gabrielle pretended to have an affair as part of a plan to expose Victor Kiriakis and crooked FBI agent Ed Daniels. Gabrielle told Ed that Shane had confided ISA secrets to her during their romance and Shane was fired.

Steve was unapologetic and kept up the act until Kayla left his place. Do you remember what she told him she would do as a result of his actions? Vote in our “Days” poll: