In the Throwback Thursday poll for this week, flashes back to 1998 when “Days of our Lives'” Peter Blake suffered from Jungle Madness…

Salem’s Nicole Walker was attacked by Xander Cook, aka Alexandros Kiriakis this week, and back then, Peter attacked an unsuspecting Hope Brady when she left her house. In the past, Peter gaslighted Laura Horton, but this time he was suffering from a disease when he did wrong. Peter had been bitten by a mosquito on a jungle island and contracted Jungle Madness, a disease which drives one mad and causes fits of violence. It was during one of these fits that he attacked Hope and dragged her off into a snowy forested area. He choked her and as they struggled, she fell and hit her head on a rock. Just then, Bo Brady appeared with a gun. Peter hit him with a large tree limb when he was checking on Hope and then ran away. Bo carried the unconscious Hope to safety.

As the fit of Jungle Madness took hold of Peter he flashed to something from the jungle island. Do you remember what it was? Vote in’s “Days” poll: