Salem Shenanigans from June 8 – 12:

Things are picking up in Salem, stories are moving along at a faster pace, but there’s still a feeling of missed opportunities for scenes that would help us invest more in current storylines.

Victor’s wrath.
Knowing Xander wants Victor’s approval so badly, I was momentarily disgusted at how Victor treated Xander this week. It felt overboard especially considering Xander only betrayed him for something as insignificant as seeing Nicole when Vic told him not to. My feelings about that scene changed when Nicole found out he had been to jail for murder. The guy has shown a psychotic side and my guess is that we haven’t seen anything yet. Victor’s aim is to protect his family.

Whenever Abby looks at a DiMera her eyes flash green. As in Go.
And we’re back in the midst of yet another cheating scandal as if we haven’t been through an overabundance of them recently. Chad overheard Abigail profess to love Ben and he lashed out, stating he slept with her to get back at him for sleeping with his brother. Please. If she wasn’t so emotionally involved she would have seen that pack of lies for what it was. Self-preservation. The best part of this scene was Billy Flynn did such a good job at showing us Chad’s heartbreak. The worst part of the scene was his calling Abs a slut. Bleh. I loathe slut-shaming and besides, Abs has been with three men. Three. By definition, a slut jumps into bed with anything that walks. That’s not Abby but boy has she made some pretty big mistakes with men. Like I said last week in Deconstructing DOOL she has Abs-olutely no willpower. Ben’s about to find this out first hand by doing something underhanded of his own!

True to fashion, Kate outed Lucas and Adrienne’s relationship. I’m not buying that she thought everyone already knew. Justin has maintained he wants Adrienne back even after being humiliated but what does Adrienne want? She didn’t tell Justin to go screw himself so it’s pretty clear she’s not 100% done with him. It would be great if she had a friend to mull over her feelings with considering this is what many if not most women do. It’d also show viewers how she feels and make us invest more. This is what most of the storylines on “Days” are lacking.