One point for Chad, zero for Abs' willpower!

Salem Shenanigans from June 1 – 5:

It was an incredibly short week in Salem. Let’s get right to it.

Goodbye Melanie.
It took Melanie the entire week to say goodbye to loved ones but in Salem-time she wasted no time in quitting her job and getting her arse out of town, knowing if she stayed there would be constant headaches and drama from Theresa. Smart move but it sucks that Theresa, in a sense, won.

Honesty hour.
Honesty hour was a way for Will to get his husband to admit he’s in love with Paul. I guess it never occurred to him to simply ask, “Are you still in love with Paul?” At least Will admitted that he blew off therapy but if Sonny hasn’t seen it yet, that’s a massive red flag. Will’s been stuck in first gear, blaming all of his issues on everyone else and not taking responsibility for his problems. He’s not going to fix them until he accepts that he created them. At least it came out that Sonny’s in love with Paul. It was pretty immature of Will to think that it was impossible to love more than one person. Hasn’t he ever heard of Polyamory? Plus, there are different kinds of love. Knowing the actor is leaving, it’s hard to speculate on what’s in store with this threesome but easy to have moments where we want Sonny to kick Will to the curb.

Eric and Betty Boop.
Last week in my Days rant I thought it looked as though Eric was getting closer to seeing Serena’s not so perfect. This week they had their own little ‘honesty hour’ when Eric learned his woman had bedded his friend Xander and kept it from him. I don’t know how to feel about this turn of events. Why did Xander send Serena the photo? Beyond that I’m having trouble caring. Even though we know Serena has been keeping secrets from him, Eric doesn’t, so why wouldn’t he take her explanation that she didn’t want to discuss a past relationship with him? One that made her sick? Maybe it’s early and I’m still half-asleep but he seemed awfully angry when I don’t know why he would care. Maybe it’s this story…

Uh. At least Daniel found the secret compartment in the elephant statue though I don’t know why it makes a difference since it’s empty. This story gives me a headache, much like Serena’s painted on dresses which belong more at a night club than a hospital. She’s not the only one with wardrobe issues. Vote on the worst dressed in Salem.