Credit: Kim's return. (Howard Wise/JPI)

Salem Shenanigans from May 25 – 29:

May sweeps came to a close with the big reveal of JJ and Eve’s tryst and the fallout of baby Tate’s arrival and is leading us into summer with a huge change to Brady, Theresa, and Melanie’s lives. Hopefully there’s room alongside the drama for a little fun in the sun after all they have gone through recently.

The most wisest, mature woman I know.
This week Brady called Melanie the wisest, most mature woman he knows, words nobody has ever heard or used to describe Melanie Jonas. Words nobody has ever thought of in conjunction with Melanie Jonas. This is the same girl who not six months ago fled Italy with a sack full of money from counting cards and with three goons after her. Thank goodness she had the good sense to turn his proposal down. He should stick with AA and NA for a while and focus on his child instead of jumping into a marriage. Overall I always loved Melanie and Brady’s friendship but since her return she seems over-the-top self-conscious and cutsie that I almost sided with Theresa to get her out of town. Almost, except that she broke my heart with talk about growing up with Trent and finally learning to love that she just might be the most selfless woman in Salem about now. Poor Tate (tater-tot!) just may need a step-mommy because his own is unstable. If Mommy Dearest thinks that using her kid and manipulating Melanie into leaving Salem will make it easier for Brady to fall in love with her, she’s misguided and stupid.

Kimberly’s brief return:
I didn’t watch “Days” in the 80s during Kimberly’s heyday and none of her returns for the past few years have endeared me to her. Maybe if they kept her longer than a few days it would help some of us to know her better and make her relevant. With that being said with Patsy Pease’s portrayal of her she sure has depth. She’s coming off as sweet, protective, loving, overbearing, and really frazzled to the extent that she seems a little off, mentally. Shame she’s once again leaving so soon. We just learned Jason Cook is returning to Days and hopefully it’s for a little longer than three scenes.