Credit: Paul's arm is just fine!

Salem Shenanigans from May 18 – 22:

So much is happening off canvas which could mean each story is coming to a climax during May sweeps. It’s both good and bad…

The end to this sordid affair.
First of all, does anyone else wonder where JJ (of all people) came up with the idea to buy a burner phone and trick Eve into thinking he was Cole? What a confusing scene. I rewound it twice during recapping because I felt as though I missed the scene prior. And Jennifer’s a sweet gal and all but it’s just too saccharine for her to throw Paige a surprise birthday party. Paige isn’t her kid and it didn’t fit that she suddenly didn’t consider that she might be stepping on Eve’s toes. At least JJ had the good sense to make Jenn invite Eve. The way Paige found out her mother did the dirty with her boyfriend blew me away. I didn’t see that coming. I love how she grabbed her mother’s hand and pulled her in and told her, “I know.” Chilling. The acting was superb. I felt sorry for Paige, I felt sorry for Eve, who has made her daughter her life and in a second with JJ destroyed her life. For a moment I thought she might be suicidal. Quite the change from last week’s DOOL rant where I was hating on Eve for her ‘why does this stuff happen to me’ mentality! It’s a testament to Kassie DePaiva’s acting. Speaking of acting, everyone was acting so fake during the party and it was so forced when JJ felt the need to take Daniel aside and bring up his freaking secret again. Once Paige showed up it was fantastic. You could almost see steam coming out of Paige’s ears and raging out on the cake was perfect. I felt for Jenn when Paige found out she knew all along but strangely, I felt nothing for JJ either way in Thursday or Friday’s episodes. He must have been in shock because his face registered as blank the entire time.

Father and son.
John and Paul have good chemistry and fit really well when Paul brought up John and Marlena’s boardroom table romp. I’m not sure if it is different. Do Sonny’s eyes say ‘yes’ while his mouth says ‘no’? Sometimes he sends confusing signals. What do you think? Is Sonny still in love with Paul?

First Will called Tori a whore and then he brought up ancient history about Marlena’s adultery. Who was cheering Paul on when he belted him one? It was better than when Adrienne slapped him. Looks like Paul might want to get a second opinion on his throwing arm. I was really hoping he’d tell