Credit: Naughty, naughty. (Howard Wise/JPI)

Salem Shenanigans from May 11 – 15:

Ranting more than raving this week. My general thought of the week is that the stories are falling flat and have that ‘same old same old’ feeling which makes it difficult for viewers to stay engrossed and for me to write this column.

A leopard can’t change its spots.
Brady and Theresa barely stepped on American soil as new parents when Theresa started coming up with ideas on how to drive a wedge between Melanie and Brady and get back into Brady’s good graces. Ugh. Though we expected she’d do this it doesn’t make it easier to stomach. At least Theresa is actually worrying about somebody other than herself in Christopher AKA Tate. I love Eve (of all people) telling her sister that it’s time to get past what Kristen did when Theresa has had one whole day to process it all. A day. That John didn’t have a heart attack when Brady told him Tate’s mother is Theresa “evil incarnate” Donovan is a testament to how strong the man is. I liked that Brady and Paul didn’t hit it off right away but Theresa was a disgusting piece of work telling Paul “Go find the elevator. Pretend it’s a closet. You know what a closet looks like don’t you?” all because her ego was hurt. At that moment I wished John had a fireplace poker in his hand…

The Friday cliffhanger had Brady preparing to propose to Melanie which was a surprise. Because we know Molly Burnett is leaving, any bets on Theresa making sure this goes nowhere?

The focus should be on today, not what happened 20 years ago.
In last week’s DOOL rant I commented that a new vendetta had begun but things quickly got ugly and quick this week when Stefano had fake ISA men kidnap Marlena and take her to Italy in order to exact his final revenge. It was textbook soaps and happened way too fast for my taste. Another cringe-worthy bit was Stefano’s henchmen trying to throw Marlena out of that window. I mean, do they even lift, bro? I think audiences have grown and changed some since the 90s and stories told in this manner though fantastic in “Days” heyday, don’t really fly today. Between the lengthy discussion and the overkill of flashbacks, all that scene did was remind viewers of the struggle the show is having, not of the rich history. Still, as a “Days” junkie, I still enjoyed it to some extent. One interesting thing came out of this: Marlena’s indebted to Chad.

Salem kids are more mature than the adults.
Hope admitted to Aiden that she stuck her foot in her mouth when telling him what to do as far as his clients go. Good for her. They will have to learn to keep their work separate if they’re going to date. They also need to learn to grow up. That scene where she told him they may be better off as friends was too high school.