Creepy pad.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1984 when “Days of our Lives'” Doug Williams went looking for his daughter Hope Williams…

Someone’s birthday party turns into a disaster today in Salem, and back then, Hope’s 18th birthday bash also went terribly awry. The birthday girl left her party with Bo Brady, a young man her father Doug did not approve of her dating. Bo took Hope to his downstairs apartment and they each professed their love. Hope asked Bo to make love to her and he did just that, however, they were interrupted by Doug frantically pounding at the door and yelling at Bo to open up. Hope went to get dressed as Bo struggled back into his party clothes and answered the door. Doug confronted Hope about leaving her party to come to Bo’s ‘creepy pad’ and was apoplectic when he realized Hope and Bo had gone to bed together.

Doug demanded that Hope come home with him, and when she refused, he had a massive heart attack on the spot and was rushed to the hospital. Do you remember which doctor tended to Doug? Cast your vote in our “Days” poll below: