I’m not comfortable here.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, Soaps.com takes readers back to 1988 when “Days of our Lives'” Justin Kiriakis toyed with Adrienne Kiriakis…

Adrienne and Lucas Roberts gave in to passion this week, not realizing that Justin had returned to Salem. Back then, Adrienne had slept with Emilio Ramirez and Justin found out about it. Justin didn’t come out and tell her he knew, he decided to toy with her first.

Adrienne was preparing to attend the funeral of Rosa Ramirez when Justin arrived at the door insisting on taking her for a drive. Adrienne tried to get out of it, but couldn’t. When Justin wasn’t listening, she ordered flowers sent to the funeral with a note that let Emilio know she wished she could be there with him. Justin then took Adrienne to a location where she had previously made love to Emilio and watched her squirm when he tried to get amorous. Adrienne flashed back to her intimacy with Emilio and became very upset. She pleaded for Justin to just take her home.

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