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Salem Shenanigans from April 27 – May 1:

The adventurous lead-in to May Sweeps was twisty for Kristen’s storyline which balanced the ridiculous and constant bickering of Nicole and Daniel, and Will’s constant insincerity. A hearty congratulations goes out to “Days of our Lives” for winning best dramatic series, and to Freddie Smith for taking home a Daytime Emmy for outstanding young actor. It’s about time “Days” won, and hopefully this, along with the writing changes will keep them around awhile.

The good.
Seeing some man candy is always a treat. Daniel and Xander were both towel-clad this week.

I like the drama with hope and Aiden which has nothing to do with cheating or children. Being on the outs over each other’s jobs is realistic.

Marlena and Kristen’s castle scenes were fun. There were some great zingers. Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) delivery when she reminded her nemesis, “you can’t have children,” was flawless. And Krissy’s lie about paying medical bills for a girl in the village was quick thinking though Marlena knows her a little better than that. “Will you stop to rescue a puppy along the way?” The only thing not good was that one of my favourite villains of all time was killed. (Is she really dead?)

Theresa flashing back to telling Dr. Mandrake she was pregnant while he injected her before stealing her embryo was a nice pay-off. Sure it was corny that Theresa overpowered Mandrake but whatever.

Rafe and Eve’s meet cute was fun and was a nice change of pace to take Eve’s focus off JJ and Paige.

Stefano pushing Chad to get Abigail back and talking to himself about how much they need her was very intriguing and drummed up a lot of speculation on the message boards.

The bad.
Last week in my Days rant I couldn’t believe that Kate actually thought she could pull the wool over Victor’s eyes. I mean the story of Kate nosing into her children’s love life is as old as the pyramids. She sure didn’t act remorseful around Adrienne. That catfight was something else. Something tells me this is the beginning of Lucas finally putting Kate in her place.

The look of panic in Theresa’s eyes on the flight as she held her crying baby was worrisome. When a screw-up becomes a mother…

Will sent his grandmother to Italy (by mistake) to get her to try to stop Paul from returning to Salem and all he can say is, “I made a mistake and I’ll make it up to her.” Hopefully he’ll pay for her flights to start but I’m not sure how that’ll be possible since he wrote only one article this entire year.

Will heard that his husband’s parents were cheating and Adrienne with Will’s own father and all he could ask is, “Does your dad feel as awful of what he did as I do about what I did?” Weird. He’s been pretty loathsome lately. What do you think? Days Poll: My thoughts on Will.

Stefano told Chad he’s his only child left but isn’t Peter still alive? And who knows what Kristen did to EJ when he was on that slab. He might be in some secret room at her castle!