Stealing the show. (Sean Smith/JPI)

Salem Shenanigans from April 20- 24:

It was a pretty dramatic week with storylines intensifying and there’s still more to come. Let’s delve into what went down this week.

Consider this:
Everyone is either living at Salem Inn or doing it at Salem Inn yet we don’t know who owns the hotel anymore. Whoever it is, they’re raking it in. Instead of going to one of their homes and making love in their own homes, sofas, beds, floors, stairs, or whatever, Hope and Aiden’s preference is to do it in a hotel bed that millions before have done the deed in. Odd.

She’s like the honey badger.
Abigail doesn’t give a crap when it comes to Ben’s privacy or lawyer-client confidentiality. She’s learning well how to be nosy under Jennifer and Maggie’s skilled tutelage.

If you’re surprised by this, imagine how I feel!
For once, JJ and Paige were cute when they met at Salem U so she could show him that she got a room at Salem Inn. They were so real, I think because it’s one of the only times they’ve ever actually been ‘together’.

You’re my obsession…
Poor Eve. Jennifer is on to something, alluding to Eve having feelings for JJ that go beyond a few romps. The reason she had sex with JJ in the first place was because she hit rock bottom when she learned she couldn’t get surgery to repair her vocal chords and JJ was so understanding. She has had a rough life and appears lonely and friendless – mostly of her own doing. Still, these scenes went a long way in giving her more depth that was needed. It was really sad when she imagined JJ was consoling her. Nice twist. Could this mean there’s something darker going on in her head more than her uh ‘norm’?

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It was a nice theory.
For long moments I was excited at the thought that Clyde might be Wolensky until Clyde paid someone off to murder Wolensky while he just happened to be transferring to another prison. Meh. Same old. I like my theory better which could have opened more stories for Clyde and Ben and could have given folks more of a reason to care about Ben.

Neither learns.
After all these years Kate thinks her dirty tricks go unnoticed by those who know her best. Hysterical. Victor knew right away what she was up to and boy did she look embarrassed about it. That she bawled like a baby when Lucas (without words) disowned her again was ridiculous. How in the world could she have been upset by this, knowing when she sabotaged Lucas that this would be the result? She must have thought she’d get away with it. And poor Lucas never learns but that’s understandable since we love our family no matter what. Course I can’t feel too sorry for him being fired. He and Adrienne were asking for it doing the horizontal mambo under Victor’s “I see all I hear all” roof. What a fantastic storyline.

Krissy and Mandrake.
Thank goodness we’re through with Mandrake and Kristen’s dialogue which has been so repetitive in each episode. I almost missed Mandrake tell her, “We haven’t closed the Kiriakis matter yet.” That’s intriguing. What does that mean? I can’t decide whether Kristen lying to Brady about Daniel being Christopher’s father was brilliant because of the timeline or stupid because she’s a DiMera and usually a first-class liar. It doesn’t even matter. She’s still entertaining as hell.

What’s Xander’s story?
I hope we find out soon why Xander needs Victor’s approval so much and what happened at sleepaway camp because him flashing back to Victor basically telling him how important Brady and Daniel are is already redundant. Some are worried his history will turn out to be another situation (like Jordan’s) where the writers will take six months to tell his story and our interest will wear thin. He’s really coming off as a little boy just looking for some crumb of interest or assurance from Victor which is a bit off-putting for a villain. That he can’t pick a lock with his cohort Serena also leaves a lot to be desired.