In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1981 when “Days of our Lives'” Jessica Blake learned she was Alex Marshall’s biological daughter…

Currently, John Black is working to get acceptance from his newly-revealed son, Paul Narita. Back then, Alex hoped that Jessica would take the news well that he was her real father when he finally told her.

When Jessica first came to Salem, Alex paid her tuition because he felt sorry for the young girl. He argued with Marie Horton about her, not knowing that Marie was keeping the secret that he was Jessica’s father. Marie and Alex had conceived her during their past relationship. After Alex legally adopted Jessica, Marie finally came clean with Alex, but made him promise not to tell their daughter. Alex wanted to get back together, but Marie, a nun, refused to break her vows. They did, however, travel to Canada together seeking more information about Jessica, but their plane crashed.

Jessica was relieved to see her adoptive dad after he was rescued, although they briefly argued about her interest in Todd Chandler. Later that year, Alex finally told Jessica he was her real father. She accepted him, but despised Marie for giving her up and for keeping Alex in the dark about her existence.

Alex and Marie got back together when she gave up being a nun, but their wedding was delayed. Do you remember what happened? Vote in our “Days” poll: