Finally Sonny's "wrath." (Howard Wise/JPI)

Salem Shenanigans from April 13 – 17:

It was a decent week in Salem with Kristen’s return and a few storylines moving along. There were a few surprises and one major “EW” moment. Let’s get right to it.

Zoe and Chad’s meeting was maybe the highlight of the week aside from Kristen’s return. Now that DiMera Enterprises owns Sonix, the next article in the rag should be pretty meaty. It’s nice seeing Zoe again too.

Jenn and Eve share the blame on this one.
Paige’s first time making love was with someone who a few days ago ravished her mother. Gross. It wasn’t enough that JJ’s dating her again after doing her mother but now this? It’s a shame Jenn didn’t get to him in time. She’ll never get over this. Hopefully that condom worked.

The Brady Bunch.
Tori’s reason for not telling John the truth about being pregnant was honourable and refreshing. We’re so used to soap characters being self-serving. John wasn’t enthralled with Marlena for keeping her suspicions from him especially since they were basically confirmed by Tori but it’s hard to care either way. Since these two have barely graced us with screen time it hasn’t felt as though they’ve truly reunited and now they’ve another obstacle to overcome. It’s too much. It would have worked better if they were shown being intimate (I don’t just mean sex) for a while before throwing them yet another hurdle to overcome. At least then there would be a reason to care if they rise above this. Marlena doesn’t even appear upset about it and John’s lack of emotion while not surprising is killing the story. This doesn’t bode well for those watching at home.

What kind of mother will she be anyway?
Theresa finally has depth. She can be endearing and a smart ass and overall has become one of the better characters on the show. No matter how you feel about her, it’s doubtful you were happy that her embryo was stolen from her. I can’t believe I just wrote that. That being said, she can’t make it to work on time and when she does, she barely works, she treats everyone in her path like dirt, she allows questionable men into her home and bed, drinks and does drugs possibly more than just for recreation, so why the hell would we root for her to get her baby Christopher back? It’s the one flaw in this story that I’m having a hard time getting past. Otherwise, it’s been fabulous having Kristen back. She changes the tone of the show for the better as does Anne, Rory, Paul and Tad. In a sense, they appear to be the only ‘real’ people in Salem. Brady’s in recovery for drugs and alcohol, he’s already in a romantic relationship and now he’s expected to care for a baby? Meh. It might be possible that as crazy as Kristen is, she’s somehow the most stable of the three. Again, I can’t believe I just wrote that. Dare I even mention how stupid and annoying I find Melanie for stowing away on Brady’s plane while he goes in search of Kristen?

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With a mother like that…
Kate showed how ruthless she could be by spilling the beans about Adrienne’s affair with her son to Victor of all people. It was calculated and worked to her advantage. Lucas is out and it’s likely that she’ll take his place at Titan. I don’t really have any feelings about this. It’s no surprise. The writers must have thought she was due for a disowning!