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Salem Shenanigans from April 6 – 10:

Liars, and schemers and snoops, oh my!

Up is down and down is sideways.
Jennifer’s tough love where JJ is concerned went right out the window when she decided to keep his affair with Eve a secret from Paige. Daniel called her out on it, unable to wrap his head around HRH Jenn Jenn could possibly lie. Then things got worse and Jenn threatened not to be his friend anymore unless he lied for her. With friends like that… The irony is he and Daniel were essentially the same person. Theresa described Daniel as “a sanctimonious, judgmental know-it-all.” He can be one from time to time but on this I’m siding with Daniel. Jenn should have kept her nose out of her son’s business but she didn’t because Daniel’s right. This is her one way of controlling Eve and making her miserable. It’s understandable but wrong and will come back and bite them all on the ass. JJ especially. JJ’s young and in love and truly doesn’t understand the repercussions of Paige finding out that he took her mama to poundtown on that sofa she almost lost her virginity on.

Even with all that JJ has done, his arguments with Theresa still make him look like a saint next to her shenanigans. In fact, Theresa’s arguments with JJ and with Melanie are tiresome and repetitive and one could fast forward through all and not miss a bloody thing. And Eve’s actions are consistently repetitive. In true Soap style, Eve took that brown leather jacket and shoved it in her closet instead of taking a blow torch to it. Who else is tired of this jacket? The one thing I like about this story is how Eve has done JJ many, many times and yet she still calls him ‘That Boy’.

What we’ve learned from all this: The one person who doesn’t eavesdrop in Salem might want to take up eavesdropping. Paige.

Sami’s mini-me.
Victor told Will he’s a clone of his mother Sami. Some are upset at the comparison but it has nothing to do with cheating and everything to do with how he doesn’t take blame for his own actions – just like Sami. Victor’s not so much angry at the cheating as he is that Will isn’t doing what his precious Daniel and Brady do which is to man up and admit his mistake and fix it. Will can talk a good game and manipulate with the best of them but his actions spoke the loudest when he showed how upset he was with the photo of Sonny and Paul rather than being outed for screwing around on Sonny. Boy does he need to sort his priorities! Marlena too did something surprising. Instead of telling John Will’s suspicions that he may be Paul’s father, she confronted Tori. This really wasn’t her place to do so. She should have told John so he could decide what to do with the information. She did make a funny though when Tori said the only thing concerning her is that Will seduced her son. Marlena’s reply: “Really? Blackmailing you wasn’t a problem for you?” Hah! Still, the big reveal Friday was perfect as was John’s reaction. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens next considering how Will made Paul sound like a real jackass.

What we’ve learned this week: Will is one fine manipulator.

Bad seed?
We learned something about Xander this week which was very interesting. He, Daniel and Brady went to the same camp and while Victor saw Daniel and Brady as his perfect angels, Xander – who may have been looking for attention in the wrong places – was getting into trouble. His temper is scary – even to him it would appear. He seemed to surprise himself when he smashed that glass out of anger. Maybe Nicole might want to steer clear of him after all!

Still… he’s intriguing.