What’s this all about?

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, Soaps.com takes readers back to 1990 when “Days of our Lives'” Faith Taylor and Scott Banning fell in love…

Brady Black opened up to Nicole Walker about his love for Melanie Jonas in Salem this week. Back then, Adrienne Kiriakis prompted Faith to come clean about her feelings for Scott Banning. Faith admitted to Adrienne that she liked him, but wasn’t sure she should. Adrienne told her to trust her feelings and advised that love is a risk, but is worth it. Meanwhile, over at Wings, Scott was caught making romantic dinner plans by his partner, Nick Corelli. Scott told Nick the dinner was just about getting Faith to come back to work there, but Nick knew it was about more than that. He told Scott he was positively transparent… and that he was pulling for him.

After Faith arrived at Wings and agreed to return to work there, Scott led her over to the table set for two, complete with candlelight and champagne. Do you remember what Scott did to make things take a romantic turn? Vote in our “Days” poll: