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Salem Shenanigans from March 30 – April 3:

A lot went down this week so let’s get right to it!

Town meddlers.
Salemites have never been known for having the best manners but this week everyone meddled like it was their job. Marlena of all people is an adult, and a respected psychiatrist and yet she isn’t above reading over people’s shoulders and giving unsolicited advice. Want some unsolicited advice Marlena? Lose the lumberjack shirt.

Paige read a private text over JJ’s shoulder and then questioned him about it. Who does that?

Melanie…let’s just say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She’s worse than Daniel and Maggie combined right now with her obsession with Theresa.

Nicole badgered Daniel about what’s going on between him and Jennifer but it didn’t concern her and of course Daniel being Daniel couldn’t set her mind at ease. Of course not. He was too busy taking great pains to get his ex-girlfriend’s son to his pad to grill him about having sex with Eve.

Eve. Oh Eve. (I’m clutching at my head.) The woman needs a life so badly.

Town pariah.
Kate skulked through town humiliated because the media except for Nicole, wrote about her demise at DiMera enterprises. Lucas foreshadowed that it won’t be long before Kate tries to take over his job at Titan and you know he’s right. It’s been a few years since he disowned her…

Town whiner.
Sonny attempted to get Will to listen to his whining and see how ridiculous he sounded which was sort of validating. It’s such a remarkable dynamic, Paul being Sonny’s ex, unaware who Will was when they were together and Will being unaware that Paul was his husband’s ex. Sonny doesn’t even appear jealous that Paul and Will were together. It’s unclear how he feels. Their first anniversary couldn’t have come at a more difficult time but the fact that they were touched by Gabi’s gift spoke volumes. Of course, later on at the carnival, Sonny let his attraction for Paul show. What a crazy situation. Last week in Deconstructing DOOL Will couldn’t see through the thick fog of desperation and jealousy but this week there was a brief and much needed respite from his whiny behaviour when he acknowledged that Sonny and Paul had a past but that he had hopes for their future. That’s the Will we’d prefer to see! And now it’s out – John is Paul’s father which means Will had sex with his step-uncle? Is that right? That’s funny. What is really curious is why Tori feels she has shamed her father. Didn’t John tell Marlena he wasn’t with her while he knew Tori? Not that the timeline makes sense but this is a soap.

In last week’s poll, 87% stated that they wanted to see more of Rafe but nobody wants to see Rafe getting into Will and Sonny’s marital issues and telling Marlena that he’ll step in if Arianna’s affected. Nobody wants to see Rafe as a busybody. We’ve enough of those in Salem.