What’s this all about?

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, Soaps.com takes readers back to 1990 when “Days of our Lives'” Bo Brady met Dr. Carly Manning…

Two Salem residents make love for the first time today, but back then, Bo and Carly met for the first time and it was less-than-friendly. While Carly was down at the pier organizing a huge protest against the Jencon oil refinery that wanted to set up in Salem, Bo was on the boat reading with Shawn Douglas and Hope.

Carly’s protest, which included the likes of Tom Horton, Marcus Hunter, Calliope Jones, and Shawn and Caroline Brady, became very loud. Bo emerged from his boat, incensed at the disruption and noise, and grabbed Carly by the arm to demand to know what was going on there. She told him and they argued as he was very rude. Carly advised him to get himself some earplugs and get off their backs. Bo responded by telling Carly to take her little demonstration somewhere else, even though Caroline asked him to calm down.

Do you remember what book Bo and Hope were reading to Shawn Douglas on the boat? Vote in our “Days” poll: