Is it a deal?

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1985 when “Days of our Lives'” Victor Kiriakis blackmailed Larry Welch…

Plenty of underhanded tactics and lots of scheming took place leading up to Kate Roberts and Stefano DiMera jockeying for control of Salem’s DiMera Enterprises this week, but back then the shady dealings involved Victor Kiriakis. Victor had been imprisoned on federal drug-related charges and needed a fall-guy to take the rap for him. He offered Larry Welch a deal in which he would be revealed as the drug mastermind in return for a sum of money. Larry would do just two years in a country club-style facility and then collect.

When Larry balked at the deal, Victor told him he knew he had murdered Megan Hathaway and had also tried to kill Gwen Davies – and he could prove it. Larry accepted Victor’s offer as he had no other choice.

Do you remember how much money Victor offered Larry in this shady deal? Vote in our “Days” poll: