Credit: Turning into his mom. (NBC Universal Inc.)

Salem Shenanigans from March 2 – 6:

This isn’t what it looks like!

While JJ and Eve’s affair was momentarily exposed in an explosive moment, Jenn instantly did her best to put the genie back into the bottle. Meanwhile, the pent up frustration continued as the elephant in the room left little room for drama.

Eve must have had a taste of something she likes in JJ because she wouldn’t leave him alone with Roxanne “Back off, Lady!” Trenton for one minute, worried the younger girl would replace her in JJ’s bed. When HRH Jennifer found out Roxanne and JJ were an item she called Roxanne a bad influence on JJ. That’s impressive. Why the hell can’t we keep Roxanne? “Days” often brings in good talent and creates short-term characters we fall in love with only to take them away in a flash. I’m begging the powers that be to get Andriana Manfredi to return for good! Vote to make your thoughts known: Days Poll: Want Roxanne Trenton to return?

Freaking Eeyore.
Mopey Paige didn’t stop at discussing her relationship issues with her mama and friends ad nauseam but she went to her supervisor who just happens to be JJ’s aunt Kayla, about her private life too. This feels like it’s being written less like teen angst and more like an obsession. Like mother like daughter. HRH Jenn (Melissa Reeves) deserves recognition for the best smack heard and felt not just by Eve (Kassie DePaiva) but by millions of “Days” fans around the world. It’s hard to believe Jenn’s head didn’t just explode after seeing her son in bed with enemy number one. Did anyone else find it ridiculous of Jenn to tell JJ that it’s not necessarily over between him and Paige? Gross. Yes it is! Maybe Jenn’s brain stopped working when she saw her son doing Eve. Some things aren’t worth saving! At least it looks like Jenn’s finally in the drivers’ seat where Eve’s concerned though I can’t decide if I like Jennifer as the blackmailing type or if she has bitten off more than she can chew. Somehow this has to backfire.

Whiners unite.
Last week in Deconstructing DOOL I said, “Not everyone cheats when in that situation but everyone makes mistakes of some sort.” And speaking of big mistakes, this week Will reminded us more of Sami by not taking the blame for his own actions. He vowed not to let his husband go either but is there really anything to hang on to if Sonny does still love Paul? Sonny had three or four opportunities this week to clarify that he didn’t marry Will because Paul said no to his proposal and he didn’t deny it. Obviously he still has feelings for Paul and he’s leaving town for a few weeks to sort them out and his issues with his husband.

The thaw.
It was good to finally see Eric thaw where Nicole is concerned even though it’s plot-driven. He’s closer to forgiving her which means she can now stop grovelling and make time to touch up those roots. All that pacing Nic’s been doing in the park, telling herself not to read too much into Eric’s kind words and looking for new ways to get Daniel back can stop anytime.