My girl.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1994 when “Days of our Lives'” Bo Brady tried to help a drunken Billie Reed…

Theresa Donovan recently helped Brady Black in Salem, by knocking a spiked coffee out of his hand so his sobriety wasn’t compromised. Back then, Bo pulled out all the stops to try and get Billie out of the Cheatin’ Heart when she’d had too much to drink. Billie was shooting pool with two good ol’ boys who wanted to party when Bo attempted to get her to leave with him. Outside, Hope Brady phoned Billie’s brother, Austin Reed, to alert him to the situation and he and his girlfriend, Carrie Brady, set out for the bar.

Meanwhile, the men Billie was drinking with weren’t keen on her leaving with Bo, who tried to get rid of them by claiming she was his girl. In order to prove this, Bo danced with Billie and then kissed her passionately. Unfortunately, that’s when his wife, Hope, came back inside. Carrie and Austin also arrived and the situation was diffused, though Bo was in the doghouse with Hope.

When Bo tried to get Billie to leave, she was uncooperative and insisted she still wanted to party. She even called out for another drink. Do you remember what she was drinking? Vote in our “Days” poll: