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Salem Shenanigans from February 16 – 20:

Cheating, lying and betrayal is the theme of the week. It’s still Sweeps and we’re seeing a few storylines coming to a head. Let’s discuss.

Kudos to Days.
Aiden’s story finally came out this week and what a doozy it was. A few weeks ago in Deconstructing DOOL I said, “Either Aiden did this or Chase did it and blocked it out and that’s why Aiden was so concerned about his son revisiting the scene. If that’s the case I hope that Chase doesn’t remember. Ever. How horrible.” Hopefully he’ll never remember. I think their bond knowing what Chase did will cement Hope and Aiden’s relationship but is this really the end of this storyline or will Chase turn out to be a bad seed? It feels as though there’s more to the tale, too. Even though Aiden already admitted there are holes in his story. I keep wondering why Meredith would think he was trying to kill her and if Aiden didn’t even know they had the antifreeze, why was it there? Was Meredith planning on faking her own death and blaming him because if there’s nothing more to Aiden’s story then that’s what it looked like. What are they going to do with that DVD?

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Keep your enemies close.
Is Victor really letting Clyde off the hook and getting out of the drug business in order to protect his family or is there more in store for the hillbilly? Maybe Vic will team up with Stefano to get rid of Clyde. Either way like Rafe said, it doesn’t look over by a long shot!

Mandrake the Fertility Specialist.
Melanie’s coming off like a saint, investigating Dr. Mandrake considering Theresa’s been such a pain in her arse. It must get boring in Salem. I liked how she asked for Nicole’s sneaky and underhanded advice. If anyone can get the job done it’s Nicole and it’ll give her something better to do rather than to try earning points with Daniel. Not to mention I’ve always wanted to see Melanie and Nicole bond.

There’s finally a reason to discuss Serena’s mystery. So now we have heard it’s a woman pulling Serena’s strings, demanding she switch those ugly ass statues and pronto. They look worthless so maybe there are diamonds inside or something. Guess we’ll have to keep watching to find out but at least now we can see she really does care about Eric which is why she’s having such a difficult time switching them. What are “they” holding over her head in order to get the statue?

This storyline is not a fave of mine but their love-making scene was really sweet and it was pretty funny that when she finally got down to the task of switching the elephants, Eric’s was gone! Bets that he donated it to Jenn’s church? Now Serena has to steal it from there? Oy.

Justin’s return.
Justin’s return has been bittersweet. It’s nice to have him back but after ignoring Adrienne for months on end he really thought the way to fix it was to go clubbing instead of explaining himself? And Adrienne went along with it. Like that’d happen! Any woman worth her salt would have had it out with him and Adrienne has money. She could have flown her ass to Dubai months ago to get to the bottom of their issues. Maybe it’s so far gone and she’s so into Lucas that she isn’t sure what she wants right now. Did anyone buy Justin’s story that Elsa’s texts were just jokes? It’s sure possible. I don’t know what to think! What were your thoughts on Ladrienne’s kiss? Vote in our poll of the week: Days Poll: Adrienne and Lucas’ kiss was…

Nouveau riche.
Clyde just can’t help but humiliate himself with every hick word out of his mouth. If I were Kate I’d have crawled under the table and hid when Clyde asked Justin to take over as his business lawyer because Aiden Jennings is out of town. Who does that? And you don’t promise the lawyer that it’ll be worth his while because he has money. Ew. How vulgar!