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“Days of our Lives'” Will Horton’s (Guy Wilson) journalistic career continues to cause upset. Last August, his article A Business Affair in TruVista threw his mother Sami’s (Alison Sweeney) life into a scandal. His latest big story didn’t just bring skeletons out of the closet though. It allowed baseball star Paul Narita (Christopher Sean) to come out as gay. While this may cause shockwaves in the sports world, Will’s article for Sonix magazine is also likely to cause problems closer to his home in Salem. Notably, the home he shares with Paul’s ex-lover, Sonny (Freddie Smith).

Could Will have ruined his own relationship with Sonny by writing the article? Take a look at this excerpt and see what trouble he might have invited.

“Narita wanted to keep their relationship a secret at all costs, fearing what damage this information would have on his career. But this man, the love of his life, couldn’t accept that. So Narita turned down the proposal – and that was the end of their whirlwind romance. Narita greatly regrets his decision. In fact, it’s clear the loss of his career is nothing compared to the loss of this man and the love they shared. He ruefully notes, ‘I traded the love of my life for a career that’s over before I even turn 30.'”

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– Matt Purvis