In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1977 when “Days of our Lives'” Dr. Bill Horton had an affair with Dr. Kate Winograd…

JJ Deveraux and Eve Donovan have had repeated forbidden trysts in Salem. Back then, Bill, who was married to Laura Horton, and Kate became involved in an extra-marital affair. Kate was an anesthesiologist at Salem University hospital and Bill was her co-worker. Bill actually left Laura and moved in with Kate at one point, but then changed his mind, decided he still loved his wife, and reunited with her. But that wasn’t the end of Kate and Bill.

The tension between them was still present when they worked together after Salem was hit with a flood. Laura noticed and became suspicious. When Kate became pregnant, her estranged husband, Curtis Brown, with whom she’d had two children, became enraged to learn she’d had an affair. Curtis beat Kate and devastated her by leading her to believe their two kids had died. The affair also led to Bill’s wife Laura being committed.

When Curtis beat Kate, do you remember where he left her? Vote in our “Days” poll: