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Salem Shenanigans from February 9 – 13:

The big news this week is the change in the head writers. “Days” has always had a revolving door for head writers and this time the talented ex “Young and the Restless” writer Josh Griffith will write for “Days” for the first time while Dena Higley is returning. We’ve seen issues with Higley’s writing in the past not just on “DOOL” but I’m not willing to bitch and moan about the change, knowing our complaints won’t amount to anything. We can keep watching our beloved show and hope for the best. Since the show writes so far in advance, we won’t see the material until summer. On with the blog.

The extraordinary reach of the pathetic.
JJ, Eve, and Paige exist in this self-created bubble of drama where they’re obsessed with each other. Jeve are stuck in a loop of screwing up royally by screwing each other and Paige is so preoccupied with finding out who JJ’s been with that she has accused her own friend over one measly text. It’s pretty depressing that JJ can’t see that one mistake doesn’t mean he needs to give up and keep hanging out with the mess that is Eve. The more they hang out the easier it is for someone to figure out what’s going on. Eve is so complex I’m not even sure we can begin to unravel all of the layers. While on one hand she loves her kid and wants a better life for her she can’t seem to dig out of the ditch she dug for her and JJ.

Boy, Abby and Jenn sure ask a lot of personal questions about JJ disappearing all night from his room. He’s in University and that’s the first time this has happened? Can’t a guy get laid without his family questioning him? Gross.

Did you see the monstrous glass Eve was drinking wine out of this week?

Fast forward to sex.
Melanie and Brady realized life’s too short to wait for sex and jumped in the sack. Their bedroom scenes were awkward, sweet, and they looked good together but it’d have been really nice if the director would have had the hair stylist tame Melanie’s wild mane of hair so we could see her face. There’s awkwardness where our ex-party girl Melanie acts exceptionally coy and way more inexperienced than she is, perhaps because it’s still weird for her to date her BFF. Meanwhile, Brady’s the confident businessman. Maybe the show should focus on that and go for a Fifty Shades of Grey theme… Blah.

Last week in Deconstructing DOOL I said “Argh Aiden probably did it and I’m just deluding myself.” Yep, but here we are, another week gone by and I’m still maintaining Aiden’s innocence, as crazy as it sounds. Sigh. Now what the heck was he going to do with the axe and shovel? For someone who has owned this lake house for years you’d think he wouldn’t act as if it’s unheard of to find an axe and shovel in a cottage. Matt pointed out that he’s a lawyer and should be able to lie quite easily. There’s something fishy about Meredith’s DVD, where it was “hidden” and that Aiden allegedly poisoned her with antifreeze and then kept it at the lake house practically in plain sight. It’s all too obvious. As a lawyer, Aiden should be smarter than that. It just doesn’t fit. Why didn’t Meredith put it into a safe deposit box to be opened on the event of her death and why all of a sudden now did Bree go searching for it at the lake house of all places, when Meredith has been dead a long while? Why the heck is Bree even at the cottage in the dead of February, dressed in a sweater as though it’s May? Where is this place?