Bad girl.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1986 when “Days of our Lives'” Savannah Wilder decided to change her life…

There is plenty of intrigue happening in Salem this Valentine’s Day what with Serena Mason trying to swap elephant statues and Melanie Jonas investigating Theresa Donovan’s ties to Dr. Mandrake. Back then was no different. Hope Brady, Bo Brady, and Steve Johnson were working a case out of town when Savannah, who worked in Victor Kiriakis’ crime syndicate, approached him at the Valentine’s Day double wedding of Maggie and Mickey and Pete and Melissa, to tell him she would be leaving his organization and going straight.

Victor was skeptical of Savannah’s plans and told her he expected she would be back. Perhaps that was because Savannah had been involved in all sorts of criminal activity since she first arrived in Salem and walked into Alex Marsh’s club. While she flirted with Alex, it was Todd Chandler whom she was there to see. Unfortunately, Todd left Savannah sitting alone after making an announcement that unsettled her – he wanted out of the unsavory activity they had been involved in together.

Do you remember what Todd told Savannah he would no longer do? Vote in our “Days” poll below.