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Salem Shenanigans from February 2 – 6:

It’s been really easy to connect the dots with the storylines lately which makes it easier to tune out or fast forward, yet at the same time we’re seeing them move into sweeps by ramping up Aiden’s mysterious past, Paul’s love triangle, and Serena swindling an ex-priest.

Our whodunit.
The minute he stepped into the lake house, Aiden flashed to hearing a woman scream and then a shot being fired. Would a person prepared to commit suicide scream first? Either Aiden did this or Chase did it and blocked it out and that’s why Aiden was so concerned about his son revisiting the scene. If that’s the case I hope that Chase doesn’t remember. Ever. How horrible.
Argh Aiden probably did it and I’m just deluding myself. What do you guys think? Am I the only one who doesn’t want it to be Aiden? Wouldn’t it be way too obvious of a storyline? Unless there’s a huge twist. What would you like to see happen in this storyline?

The Elephant in the room.
Some fans have taken to calling Serena ‘Shrewena’ which is all in good fun. She had a chance to go to the beloved Green Mountain Lodge and didn’t even take Eric up on it, which makes it appear as though she’s not interested in getting the ex-man of the cloth into bed. Eric’s been a real piece of work lately but even so, he doesn’t deserve this. Now that nothing or no one is holding her back, Nicole needs to get to the bottom of Serena’s mystery and redeem herself. She needs to stop begging Daniel to take her back.

Confirmation that Clyde’s alive?
Innocent Sonny not only found Will’s been cheating on him with his ex-lover, but he was stabbed (by Clyde’s hand?) before he could even confront his husband. On top of all that he recalled hearing that Paul thought the sex with Will was just ‘nice’. Ouch. Paul could have told Sonny that the guy he bedded was wild and crazy in bed but let’s face it. It’s our paisley shirt and vest lovin’ young William. He’s pretty much the Opie Taylor of “Days” which doesn’t exactly scream out ‘wildcat’ in bed. Wait until they all come face-to-face!

Will’s certainly Sami’s son. His lack of ethics knows no bounds. First he told Kate who he was interviewing, and then allowed her to read his first draft, he took Paul to bed, and then let Paul read the final draft of his article. All this and it had better be a fantastic piece of work. It only took a month and a half to write.
Worst line of the week: Will to Paul about his article: “I’ve done better work.” Yep that’s what the subject of an interview wants to hear.